Barn Door Sliders Types

Jun 14th

They are easier to install than swing doors and are not expensive with regard to these: the door is worth approximately the same, only the guides can be more expensive than the traditional frames. You can buy them in kit (door, guides, and instructions), or take advantage of the ones you already had, acquiring only the hardware.

Barn door sliders – The doors are an essential element in the decoration of the house, they serve to separate the rooms and sometimes define their style. The system of sliding doors saves a whole lot of space so they are especially indicated when small spaces are available. Here are some ideas of barn-type sliding doors to decorate your home. Depending on the style you want to give your home you can use. Like rustic doors, with untreated wood, varnished, aged or lacquered in colors. There are those with a naughty or two diagonally. This type of sliding door of barn type is usually used to separate environments: dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms. They contribute to reinforce the decoration of the rooms in which they are.

The barn doors already recovered or of new manufacture more and more present in the decoration. The origin of barn doors comes from the barn doors of the American farms, usually two sheets of wooden planks with crossed crossbars.   The most common of this kind of barn door sliders are the exterior sliding. Its installation is relatively simple. Since it does not require work and only need to install the rail and the appropriate fittings. To install them we will only have to place some bearings on the top, which also allows not conditioned by the height of the door frame, but we can play with the total height of the wall.

Depending on the assembly kit you buy, your barn door sliders should be in place in no time. First, buy a door mounting kit for your barn door. Either buy ready-made doors of the right size or buy materials to make doors. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mount the door groove. Release your safety goggles. Assemble the doors if you make your own. Make sure the sliding doors work smoothly.

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