Beautiful Modern Wall Fountains Indoor

May 21st

Connect the interior with the exterior as a result of this beautiful fountain that comes out of the concrete wall. In a design of straight lines. The source does not break with the geometry of the space, visually harmonizing a place full of textures since we can observe in the wall of stones that connects directly with the green of the external nature. A design full of life and also dynamism.

If we do not have large spaces to install this option that Damla Selale presents us becomes the perfect solution. A vertical wall fountains indoor, becomes the focal point of the room. The waterfall goes towards a small stone garden. Then, building a set of materials and textures that make the design of the room richer. With the top illumination of this origin, a mirror effect is generated that gives amplitude to the space.

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Wall fountain indoor,

A gardener with plants of different species on a bed of white rocks, achieve an interesting contrast with the background of this interesting source, which has as its principal element a tree that becomes the point of attention of space. The white of the ceiling brings luminosity and a sense of spaciousness, the stone wall with an apergolado ceiling; achieve a game of volume and textures. We find this beautiful wall fountains indoor that makes at the same time a mirror of water filling the room with space and lightness.

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Its continuous movement is natural electricity and also purifies the environment. By means of handcrafted designs, modern and also decorative. We can count on their presence inside our homes thanks to the fountains. Which with the wonderful diversity that exist, become distinctive pieces to enrich our environments and also spaces. No matter what kind of decoration you would like. An interior fountain suits any place and also in any style. In a space surround by vegetation is located this source as an island, design by Vanja Maia-Architecture and Interiors.

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