Best Glass Cookie Jar

May 20th

The glass allows the evolution of unmistakable and varied projects in the glass cookie jar. Like no other material, glass combines elegance and durability. Thus, in addition to maintaining the original composition of the packaged products, it guarantees the identity of their brand, with forms that enable immediate recognition and are registered in consumer comprehension. The possibility of using special colors also increases the perception of the packaging and the product. Form and color of the glass cookie jar support the marketing strategies of the industries. Regarding the decoration, it presents different options of decorative elements. And from the adhesive label to the heat shrink, from the high relief to the silk-screen printing.

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The glass cookie jar is inert, hygienic, does not interfere with the taste of food and beverages or the composition of perfumes and medicines, thus guaranteeing the original quality of its contents. Glass is neutral in relation to the product it packs; it does not maintain any chemical interaction with its contents and can store any product throughout its useful life. It does not allow the transfer of oxygen or carbon dioxide, therefore, it does not alter the color or taste of the contents of the package. Nothing passes through the glass or flows from the glass cookie jar. The inertia of the glass also makes it possible for products packaged with this material to have validity periods superior to other materials, up to twice as much.

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Significant glass cookie jars,

The same happens when it is discarded; the glass cookie jar resists to the aggression of substances and does not degrade in the environment. The glass has tensile strength between 4 and 10 mm2 (kilogram-force per square millimeter) and compression strength of 100 mm2. These signs point to a good performance against impacts and pressures. Either in the line of production and packaging or in the transport of this packaging or final product already packaged.

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The glass cookie jar might be produced with many different closure forms, in agreement with the packaging content and the sort of use. As a result of this and the rest of its qualities, it allows innovations that guarantee all the conveniences for the consumer. And with formats that ensure a visual differentiation of the product at the points of sale. The glass cookie jar serves the specific needs of various productive sectors and market segments. It has great versatility and fantastic performance in the industrial process, whether small or large.

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