Gold and White Bedding In the Hotel

Apr 19th

The Bed

Trendy, hotel-inspired gold and white bedding typically consists of a plush, topped supporting mattress with a spring, pressure relief or memory foam mattress tops. The beds are made of single colored, high thread-count cotton or cotton-blend bed sheets, lots of fresh, full pillows and a blanket. Straws are often marked with a weight throw draped tightly over the foot of the bed. This look can be produced at home to give the bedroom a vacation feels at any time.

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Mattress Toppers

Down, poly-filled or memory foam mattress toppers resemble the look and feel of the gold bedding with the existing bed. The tops should be chosen dependent on the size of their bed and sleep habits. Downstairs toppers allow sleeping to feel as if she is hovering on air while three to four inch high memory foam cutters provide a customized, padded sleep.

No matter the size of the bed, the mattress is reassuring to give not only a visually pleasing appeal but a good night’s sleep. These mattresses are made especially for the hotels after mattress manufacturers. A homeowner who wants to create a hotel inspired room with a new bed should contact their favourite hotel and simply ask who is making their bedding.