Making Copper Table Lamp

Mar 17th

You need four dishes and three teaspoons. Place a plate on a flat surface. Apply permanent glue, such as epoxy, to the base of one of the tea cups. Put the base of teabag on the dish and hold it in place for around 1 minute to form a bond between the cup, the dish and the glue. Apply glue around the edge of the teat cup. Put the base of another plate on top of the tea cup.

Copper table lamp function as more than just a light source for a room, they also act as a decorative feature. The manner of the lamp that you use to illuminate a room should complement the design of the space. With a little creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind lamp for your home. For a country’s chic style, transform copper and grab the bottom of a lamp. Buy a collection of cups and grab a particular style, or use a collection of omaka cups. With a copper table lamp hardware kit and some other supplies, you may make a cup and a bar lamp.

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Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the last saucer glued to the top of the copper and cone shaped tower. Allow copper and barrels for 24 hours to completely dry. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bottom tea cup with a glass cutter drill. Wipe away any residues caused by drilling with a damp cloth. Drill a hole through the center of the tower cups and grab a class cutting drill. Wipe any residue with a damp cloth. Insert the cable from the lamp put through the hole on the side of the lower teat cup. Tread the wire through the hole in the middle of the remaining cups and barrels.

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Attach the lamp socket to the end of the wire that extends from the top of the tower cups and barrels. Follow the instructions that come with the kit to attach the remaining hardware to the lamp. A gingham or French lampshade will complement the country’s chic look with this lamp, but you can use all kinds of lamp color you desire.

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