Making Pink Crib Bedding Set

Apr 19th

Place a pin in the center of the square to hold the two sides together. Cut the two lines marked on the fabric and remove the squares. Unfold the fabric. Pin the inside edges of the squares with pins and cut them together. This forms the corner of your sheet. Sew a 1/4-inch basting from the corner and use a zigzag stitch to give it strength. Do it in the four corners. Now you will have what would be the sheet that is flexible.

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Pink crib bedding set is soft color and important part of welcoming a new baby into the home, and it is often kept as an inheritance for years to come. Buying top quality crib sets, and even common ones, can cost a lot of money. To create an inexpensive way to dress your child’s crib and preserve a lasting memory, sew the game yourself. The methods for this sort of project require basic sewing skills and, with the materials you choose at any fabric store, you can create a memorable piece for your child’s story and keep it cozy and warm at the same time.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that the edges are together. It does not matter if you face the rights this time. Fasten it with pins. Cut a square at the top and bottom corners. Use the square of paper or cardboard of 9 inches on each side and draw it on the cloth with a felt-tip pen for cloth or use the ruler and a cloth pen to mark a 9-inch square, with the outer sides as the outer edges of the square.

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