New Office Room Dividers Space

May 22nd

Divisories for Offices and also Offices created by means of a hidden aluminum profiling system. Housing thermoplastic joints inside to seal them in panels and frames. All the profile is mount by tensioners that make of it a compact structure. Guaranteeing a structural stability of high resistance. In organizations there are communication and teamwork needs that lead to open spaces. But there are also needs for concentration, privacy or confidentiality that demands closed spaces. The perfect solution will always be a mix solution with unique spaces that cover each of these needs.

Office room dividers – in new and current constructions, the ideal way to distribute and separate space without resorting to the work, maintaining standards of quality, comfort and design is via the use of dividing screens for offices and offices or partition walls for interiors. The screens are the best method to be prefabricate, removable and reusable. With the facility of hiding any type of electrical installation in the interior. Then maintaining decoration and the ergonomics of the environment. When planning a space there is always the big question of where to compartmentalize and where not. So, what is better, to compartmentalize or leave spaces clear? The answer is in space planning. Proper planning should be base on the study of the needs of each user.

Office space divider notions,

In the blind areas of the office screens, a chamber is create between the double panel.   Afterward, fill with rock wool to improve the acoustic. And then thermal performance of the system. In the double glass chamber can be install a curtain of flat aluminum slats. With various finishes. The office room dividers glass partition for offices formed by 6 + 6 mm laminated glass with polish edges to the finish. And anodized or lacquered aluminum profiles. The profile is prepare to perfectly combine the glaze areas with areas of double wood panel and doors mimick in wood or glass.

The proliferation of office partitions makes compartmentalization comfortable, simple and also reversible. It is why at one point there was a fever of compartmentalization. Just as in the opposite extreme, the concept of office Landscape where there was no compartmentalization. Office room dividers with blind, mix or fully glaze modules are compose of a light interior structure of aluminum profiles. Subsequently, from floor to ceiling that support the particleboard panels. We find melamine finish, HPL, veneered with natural wood veneer or lacquered MD.. Equipped with single or double doors and frames with 1 or 2 glasses.

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