New White Faux Wood Blinds

Mar 22nd

White faux wood blinds – Looking for a different touch for your home? Do you want to decorate your home with something recycled? Using old blinds is a solution for a special touch. Did you know that using old blinds to decorate is easy? Grant a use, for something that served for so many years. Recycle or renew, they are your weapons and now you can help them, to create very precious projects. What are you waiting for? Do you have walls without any shelves, pictures or any accessories? Search for a new decoration, with old wooden blinds. It’s easy, following steps that video shows you.

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In this case, blinds are not so old but they have been given a touch in wood color. Consequently, you have a blind placed horizontally and fixed to wall. A good concept, to enhance beauty of it adding a curious and striking complement. If you have small white faux wood blinds or you can cut some of them, at a lower price, you can have a necklace that is superb. In video, it looks pretty easy to make and result is amazing! Blinds are white and result is great.

But, do not forget that you can apply shades that you like and combine with rest of decoration of space. If you look at sides, you will see small woods horizontally. This console has a great result if you put it to entrance of your home and stuck to wall. Although, you can put it wherever you like or need it. Consoles, they should not be very large. They serve, mostly, as pure decoration. But in this case you are able to save yourself a little small things such as keys and like. I propose, an excellent video where you can see unique ideas for decorating your home using blinds. If you love Shabby Chic style, you have many possibilities.

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Customizing your home is easy, if you choose most appropriate suggestions for space you have. With white faux wood blinds you can do thousands of things, such as a headboard for bed, a small table, a cabinet, a beautiful shelf, a small closet, an organizer and a lot more. Organizers are perfect for keeping order in decor and, moreover, are quite popular. It is possible to create them, for bedroom and then save your little jewels or else. Such as, in kitchen and organize cloths, interesting recipe books or whatever you want. Hang small blind on wall and go. What do you think?

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