Wonderful White Princess Granite Countertop

May 9th

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White princess granite – Surely when you see design kitchens in websites, blogs and magazines, you always fall in love with their concepts, cleanliness. But it is that a lot of those times (a few) the designs are base on siltstone, wood or marble workplaces. But where were the ideas to decorate the granite countertop? And yes, on many floors of the 80-90 the boom for this specific material, durable, resistant and”aggressive” sometimes causes it to be in a high percentage of homes.

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And for money, for the state or for that we like, maintaining or installing white princess granite worktops also requires our decorative touch, so that even with such a rude and colorful element, it deserves the attention and care in the complements. If we are in the stage of design and furnishing, and we want to have this durable material, it is best to include it in combination of simple elements. Of clean lines and of spaces little loaded. Adding that architectonic and thickened touch. It will make that we also see it as a true sculpture. Turning the kitchen to much more than a part of work.

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If there was one thing that struck my childhood. It was the long afternoons of games and homework in the kitchen. I will always remember it with that indirect light under the furniture. And today, I see it and I see the great decorative tip for this sort of worktops. Place a linear light under the furniture, act subtle bath of light, and enhance the brightness of the piece.

If the space is already equip and you would like to give it a touch of color. Add pots with bright colors and plantations of bright colors. Undoubtedly, every element in white that we place on the white princess granite, extol the light and color of the piece. Avoid placing items, appliances and parts. Leave this worktop free, so that the visual load is lighter. Sometimes the details on a tray will put order and delimit the composition. And if you are in time to combine colors, try to focus the complements in the chromatic array of minerals to the countertop.

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